Webb Street Financial: Business Credit & Funding Services, Coaching & Consultancy

Meet the staff of Webb Street Financial. Without the great staff at Webb Street Financial, your small business wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the credit services we offer. Each of these staff members is vital in helping you establish the credit you want for your small business.

Mr. Walter Webb is the Chief Business Consultant Officer for Webb Street Financial.

Mr. Walter Webb is the Owner and Chief Business Consultant for Webb Street Financial. Mr. Webb has been an entrepreneur, business owner, executive, creator, inventor, designer, developer, writer, author, teacher, trainer, speaker, investor, business consultant, advisor, and father for the past 30 years. Mr. Webb majored in Interpersonal Communications at Marquette University. He has an MBA from Jones International University with a specialty in Business Entrepreneurship. He finished first in his class or Summa cum laude in his MBA program and he is now writing three books. He worked in the corporate world for 20 years for two fortune 500 companies as a Sales, Marketing & Strategic Executive. As the owner and Chief Business Consultant at Webb Street Financial, a Small Business Development firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, he specializes in Business Credit and Business Funding access.

Mr. Webb has expertise and experience in helping small businesses to build Business Credit Profiles and Scores as well as Securing Cash and Credit Funding fast. Mr. Webb works with and serves small business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, mature businesses, investors, real estate investors, franchises, and other professionals nationwide to solve their biggest business problems: the lack of Access to Business Information, Business Credit, and Business Cash and Credit Funding.

Mr. Webb’s proven credit building process is offered to business owners nationwide to build and maintain a strong Business Credit Asset. Webb Street Financial and his partners also maximize the inside business know-how with the top three business credit bureaus: Dun & Brad Street, Experian Business, and Equifax Business. They provide business owners access to over 60 specialized vendors, over 30 unique funding programs, and access to cash and credit funding through over 2,100 different lenders including: large banks, small banks, credit unions, hedge funds, private equity firms and private investors.

Walter Webb, MBA, Chief Business Consultant & Owner

Ms. MaryAnn O’Sullivan is the Chief Business Financial & Client Services Officer for Webb Street Financial.

law_staff8Ms. O’Sullivan worked in business and the financial industry for over 27 years. She managed and or owned businesses in: real estate, mortgage, insurance, home building, business funding, managed customer service, internet-based properties, SBA loans, grant funding, Charter schools, and charitable non-profit organizations. Ms. O’Sullivan attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Jones International University and graduated from Miami Christian College.

MaryAnn O’Sullivan, Chief Business Financial & Client Services Officer

Webb Street Financial: Partner-Business Credit Building Services

Mr. Skip Moynihan is the Chief Business Credit Coach & Senior Credit Officer-Partner for Webb Street Financial.

law_staff7He has worked in business and credit coaching for over 30 years. Mr. Moynihan is an expert in the business of business credit building and small business strategies. He helps to coach business owners to build and achieve the best business credit rating possible. Mr. Moynihan has helped hundreds of business owner nationwide to change their business life and business destiny through business credit.

Skip Moynihan, Chief Business Credit Coach/Senior Credit Officer

Webb Street Financial: Partner-Business Funding Services

Mr. Dexter Leonard is the Chief Business Finance Advisor & Senior Finance Officer-Partner for Webb Street Financial.

law_staff7He has worked and has helped businesses to gain multiple funding products like: credit-based, cash-based and collateral-based funding options for their business. He also has helped business owners to secure: SBA,  commercial real estate, and private equity funding for multiple businesses nationwide.

Dexter Leonard, Chief Business Finance Advisor & Senior Finance Officer

Webb Street Financial: Partner-Business Events Marketing Services

Ms. Caldwell is the Chief Business Events Officer-Partner for Webb Street Financial.

She has worked very successfully in the Events Marketing Space for over 20 years. She has helped and served hundreds of clients from: all social events, all family and professional events, and all corporate events. Her teams of professionals are well versed in solving all event obstacles that many businesses experience each day. Ms. Caldwell’s firm experience and practice is to: produce impeccable events with creative expertise, organizational skills, and elite service that reflect and upholds the highest standards of excellence.

Rhonda Caldwell, Chief Business Events Officer: Webinars, Seminars & Conferences

Webb Street Financial: Partner-Business Events Marketing Services

Mr. Wingate is the Chief Business Events Officer-Partner for Webb Street Financial.

law_staff7He has an unparalleled set of skills and experiences that is unrivaled. He has worked with the US Military and all levels of event planning as well as various personal, professional and corporate clients. He has worked in the business of event planning for over 20 years. He has worked with many professionals in the music and record industry, as well as the short film and documentary industry. He has worked with the US Army, the National Guard Bureau, and the National Guard.

Lawrence Wingate, Chief Business Events Officer: Retreats & Tournaments

Webb Street Financial: Business Affiliate Marketing Services

Mr. Walter Webb is the Chief Business Affiliate Officer for Webb Street Financial.

He has over 30 years of direct working experience with small business owners, agents, dealers, re-sellers, banks, insurance, real estate, and professionals.

He has worked with business owners and entrepreneurs across the United States with secure working contracts. During the past 30 years, he has helped hundreds of businesses to start, build, grow, expand, and succeed. He has worked with business owners for 30 years and provided them with business intelligence and consultancy.

Walter Webb, Chief Business Affiliate Officer: Professionals & Corporations.

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