March 14, 2014

Finance and Business Credit & Funding experts are elated as Webb Street Financial has finally rolled out their newest version of their Business Credit and Funding Platform. The much needed and used Business Credit and Funding option is available to all small business owners and entrepreneurs in the United States. However, if you live outside the US but have a business based in and is incorporated in the US, you can still take advantage of the new Business Credit & Funding platform.

Webb Street Financial has released a first of its kind, and most anticipated Business Funding Suite. This information, credit and funding access system which provides business owners easy access to credit and financing options of all kinds for their businesses, is available exclusively through Webb Street Financial.

The business credit and funding suite has over 2100 financing sources and over 30 unique programs available to business owners. “Access to money has always been one of the biggest challenges a business owners faces” for over 100 years! But now, not only has the access challenge of lack of cash been resolved, an added, but even more powerful solution has been made available to small business owner’s-the access to business or corporate credit is offered to business owners as well!

Walter Webb, Chief Business Consultant for Webb Street Financial, states that, many businesses for far too long has gone without access to both cash and credit for their businesses. Now with the Business Credit and Funding Suite, that lack of access is history!

“Through the funding suite entrepreneurs can quickly access the cash and credit they need to grow their business.” The business credit and funding suite provide unprecedented access to money for business owners. Virtually every type of known legitimate financing source is available through the business funding suite.

Business Credit is one of many funding options available. The business credit and funding suite offers to hundreds of merchants, business credit and funding, all with no personal guarantee required. This means business owners can access credit for their business without the personal liability of a personal guarantee. Plus business credit is available with no personal credit check. So, even business owners hit hard by the change in economy or those with bad credit will still qualify.

“Our clients can easily be approved for well over $50,000 in business credit within their first 6 months using the business credit cash machine so-to speak. This credit is with major merchants that business owners frequently use,” says Webb Street Financials Chief Business Consultant Walter Webb. Plus business credit is only one of many financing options available.

SBA loans including micro-loans are available as well. Business owners can chose from single SBA loans or multiple SBA loan “bundles” securing financing over $150,000. Factoring loans, equipment loans, credit lines, merchant cash advances, commercial real estate financing, inventory and accounts receivable financing, purchase order and 401K financing, as well as unsecured and security financing and many more are all available through the business credit and funding suite.

“Now business owners have access to all real cash and credit sources for their business in one place,” says Walter Webb.

The funding suite also helps business owners with the initial steps of setting up their business to ensure that they are approved for financing. Business owners can even acquire an excellent business credit score right through the business

credit and funding suite. Also, business owners can secure new financing with one-click access and easy online approvals.

Plus one of the main benefits of the business funding suite is concierge coaching. Webb Street Financial has coaches who help business owners access the cash and credit they need to grow their businesses. This concierge coaching includes helping

business owners all the way through the approval process to ensure that they get approved and quickly

receive their money.

The Business Credit and Funding Suite have finally given business owners access to the funds they need to grow and expand their businesses. To learn more about the exclusive Business Credit and Funding Suite you can visit their website at: or call them direct at 800-671-1266.